Shalom Baby

Shalom Baby welcomes new infants into the Nashville Jewish community

with a tote bag full of useful goodies for you and your baby


Let us welcome your child into the Nashville Jewish Community. If you or your partner identifies as Jewish and you have had or adopted a baby in the last six months, we would love to hear from you! Shalom Baby is a wonderful way for you to connect with other Jewish families, make friends, and/ or find support during this special time in your life.The Shalom Baby gift bag is hand delivered by local volunteers and comes filled with infant themed gifts, resource information from local Jewish organizations, parenting information, and special offers. We also include a PJ Library Subscription ( FREE, high-quality Jewish children’s books or music delivered monthly to your home!) & an Imagination Library Subscription (created in 1996 by Dolly Parton, monthly delivery of FREE children’s books).You can also let us know about friends, family and neighbors who have had or adopted a baby in the last six months.For more information or to request a Shalom Baby bag and visit, please contact Renee Geltzer | 615.354.1640





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