Nashville Jewish Book Series

Published Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Nashville Jewish Book Series is an annual celebration of books, authors and ideas. It features work on Jewish themes and topics, work by Jewish authors or work from a Jewish perspective. Unlike traditional book festivals, our series runs over a longer time-frame, so you have a chance to do and see more! 

The Series, now in its 5th year, is a celebration of books, authors, and the power of the written word to educate, inspire and provoke thought. The annual events feature both secular work by Jewish authors as well as books featuring Jewish themes and topics. This year’s series will be fully virtual, with all events taking place via Zoom. The Gordon JCC will also be partnering with the Memphis and New Orleans JCCs on multiple events, thanks to the new online format.  

Our committee will be announcing the 2020/2021 lineup next week on Facebook Live! Follow and like our page here to be notified of the announcements. 

Chair: Amy Goldstein
Committee members: Jessica Banish, Teena Cohen, Lori Fishel, Amy Kammerman, Amy Katz, Jacob Kupin, Miriam Leibowitz, Margaret Littman, Evan Nahmias, Nancy Reisman, Freya Sachs


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