Make a Reservation

Welcome to the Gordon JCC Reservation System.

  • Reservations for the following weekdays (M-F) will open up on Friday's and weekend reservations will open the Wednesday before. 
  • You may make up to 2 reservations per day, but you must leave the reserved area at the end of each session to allow for deep cleaning.
  • Please be sure to cancel your reservation if you decide not to attend. 
  • If a member fails to show up for a reservation more than two times, reservation privileges will be revoked. If you are not feeling well, please call and let us know. A cancellation due to illness will not count as a non-show.
  • Please remember that we are operating at 50% capacity and the number of available reservation spots will increase as we move through the Reopening Phases. Please be thoughtful of other members to allow others to have an opportunity to visit the JCC too.
  • You will reserve your space by “Booking a Class” here  or call Pascale at 615.354.1671 for assistance.
  • When booking recreational swim time, please create a reservation for each member of your party.
  • When booking tennis sessions, one member is required to register for up to 4 total players per session. 

Our scheduled sessions are:

Fitness Center

Capacity: 18

Monday-Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday
5:30-6:45am 5:30-6:45am 8-9:15am
7-8:15am 7-8:15am 9:30-10:45am
8:30-9:45am 8:30-9:45am 11am-12:15pm
10-11:15am 10-11:15am 12:30-1:45pm
11:30am-12:45pm 11:30am-12:45pm 2-3:15pm
1-2:15pm 1-2:15pm 3:30-4:45pm
2:30-3:45pm 2:30-3:34pm  
4-5:15pm 4-5:15pm  

Tennis Court

Capacity: up to 4 people per game, per session.

Monday-Friday Saturday and Sunday
6-8am 8-10am
9-11am 11am-1pm
12-2pm 2pm-4pm
3-5pm 5-6:45pm


Indoor Pool

Capacity: Lap Swimming: One per lane. Capacity may vary during Water Aerobics or lessons. Please see Setmore for full lane availability. 

Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday
5:30-9:30am Lap Swim/Water Walking | Every Hour on the 1/2 Hour 8am-4:45pm Lap Swim/Water Walking | Every Hour on the Hour 8am-4:45pm Lap Swim/Water Walking | Every Hour on the Hour
9:30-9:45am 15 minute cleaning/water aerobics exit    
9:45am-4:45pm Lap Swim/Water Walking | Every hour on the 45 minutes    
4:45-5:45pm CLOSED for TigerSharks/lessons/Nashville Dolphins    
5:45-6:45pm Lap Swim/Water Walking *NO FRIDAY SESSION    

Indoor Pool Rules

Things to Remember:

  • We will still be using the reservation system
  • Reservation slots will be one hour long, and back to back (with a few exceptions a tad longer or shorter to fit into our open hours and daily schedule)
  • We will open the week day reservations on Friday of the week before
  • We will open weekends on Wednesdays
  • 1 swimmer per lane, unless you are from the same household or are “quarantine buddies”, sharing in those cases are HIGHLY encouraged; please limit to max 4 per lane
  • There will still be no community equipment, but you are welcome to bring your own
  • Reminder that locker room are for restroom use only
    • WATER AEROBICS You are allowed to book 2 reservation per week. Additional reservations may be made no more than 24 hours before a class, and only if the class has availability. 
    • LAP SWIMMING You are allowed to book 2 reservations slots during the week, and 1 reservation slot during the week
    • If you want to book more, you need to book additional slots the night before or day of
    • Those not adhering to these guidelines will have their advance reservations over the 2 during the week and 1 on the weekend, deleted. Those continuously abusing this may lose their reservation privileges

Water Aerobics Information

  • Water aerobics will be held indoors
  • Time will be from 8:30-9:30
  • Class will be held in the program area of the indoor pool and the 2 adjoining lanes (please space yourselves accordingly to maintain proper social distancing)
  • Reservation system will still be in place with 12 spots (with us still asking everyone to cap it at 2 reservations to help get everyone in) *these apply to reservations made in advance for the week, more reservations may be made if there are open spots and reservations are made the night before/day of
  • We will regularly audit reservations and those found having more than the allotted reservations scheduled in advance will lose their reservations later in the week and if this persists, could lose reservation privileges
  • After class please put equipment in “Unsanitized” bin to be sanitized
  • Please make your way out of the indoor pool area in a timely manner as we clean the space after the larger bather load and also to allow for the next set of swimmers to come in and limit exposure during transition
  • Water aerobics reservations do not count towards your lap lane reservation limits

 **Please be patient and understanding with us, as we are I the midst of a pandemic and are providing as much space and time as we can at this moment to serve all of our members. As we progress through the phases, we will re-evaluate and provide as many opportunities as those allow



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