Personal Training

Personal Training, Pilates, and Yoga Training

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There is no better way to be held accountable to a fitness program than with the help of one of our Personal Trainers, Pilates Trainers, or Yoga Trainers. Combining experience, expertise, enthusiasm, and energy, our trainers provide you with a unique customized workout created specifically to help you reach your goals. Working out with a trainer can help you to reach your fitness goals and helps ensure you are exercising safely and correctly.

Build muscle, lose weight, and help train for your favorite sport with Personal Training. Feel better by sculpting your muscles through proven Pilates movements. Enhance daily living, improve flexibility, alleviate chronic pain, and build strength with Yoga.

Personal Training (Private)
Looking to step up your fitness? Working with a trainer can help you to reach your fitness goals, and helps ensure you’re exercising safely and correctly. Whether you need to increase mobility, balance, and/or strength, our trainers will help you get there, by understanding and guiding you through your fitness journey. All our trainers are certified by nationally recognized organizations and many have additional certifications and provide specialized services. Training is available for members ages 10 and up.

Sessions 1 Hour Half Hour
1 Session M: $65 | NM: $80 M: $38 | NM: $53
5 Sessions M: $310 | NM: $375 M: $185 | NM: $225
10 Sessions M: $600 | NM: $720 M: $360 | NM: $435
20 Sessions M: $1,150 | NM: $1,380 M: $700 | NM: $840
50 Sessions M: $2,700 | NM: $3,240 M: $1,620 | NM: $1,945

Semi-Private Personal Training (2-3 people)
Share your love of personal training with friends or family. Improve your fitness level and quality of life with a challenging, goal-oriented program built for 2-3 people. Training with another person has documented benefits in motivation, adherence, and inspiration.

1 Session 1 Hour Half Hour
2 People M: $48.50 | NM: $60 M: $24.50 | NM: $30
3 People M: $32.50 | NM: $40 N/A
5 Sessions 1 Hour Half Hour
2 People M: $225 | NM: $270 M: $115 | NM: $140
3 People M: $150 | NM: $180 N/A

(Price is per person per session for all group training)

New to training?

Get your first 3 full-hour sessions for only $153! Or, try 3 half-hour sessions for $93.

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