Group Exercise Classes

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Useful Information

Looking to get fit and feel better? Let our wide range of classes help you achieve your goals and lower your stress level. Please contact Harriet Shirley | 615-354-1649 for additional information.

  • Please arrive on time to allow for instructions and proper warm-up to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Classes are 60 minutes long, unless otherwise noted.
  • Highlighted classes indicate a new offering, changed time, change of instructor, change in content, and/or name.
  • Indoor Cycling Studio is located downstairs. Maximum participants is 12. No saving bikes.
  • We recommend bringing your own yoga mat (except Silver Sneakers™ Yoga – no mat needed).
  • Classes are open to all members and guests ages 14 and older.
  • No children under 10 are permitted in fitness or cycling studios during class times for safety reasons.

Class Descriptions

Bata BOOM ™:  InnerStrength trainer & Tabata Bootcamp certified instructor Marie Smith has a contract out on body fat. Think you can make it out of this without sweating? Fugetaboutit! Elements of kickboxing meet high intensity interval training & creativity for an addictive class.

BODY BLAST: TRX suspension, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises & more blast you into shape in this 30-minute circuit format class! Get your calorie burn on. Held in Cycle Fusion Studio or Group Fitness Studio (see schedule for location)

BUTTS & GUTS Focus is on the bottom line in an dedicated class to strengthen, tighten, & tone abs and glutes.

The CURE This class is the cure for whatever ails you! Blast your entire body with varying workouts designed to challenge you in high energy circuit training sessions with bodyweight, strength, and cardio to deliver the most efficient ‘Cure’ around.

CYCLE FUSION: The cardio intensity of indoor cycling plus the bodywork of TRX suspension training, kettlebells, bodybars, slam balls, & more. Get the best of both worlds where cardio is fused with strength and balance to challenge you in new ways!

CORE YOGA: Yoga emphasizing deep muscles of the core to improve strength and stability through isolation and breathing.

EXTREME CARDIO BLAST: High-intensity cardio to boost stamina! Vigorous workouts make the most of every second using intervals.

FIT CAMP: Full-body varied & fun workouts impact power, speed, agility, stability, strength & endurance. Held indoors & outside

FROM CORE TO THE FLOOR : Originally designed for runners to help prevent injuries by working on strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility, this class is for EVERYONE. It incorporates a lot of leg and core work to focus on improving balance, mobility, and flexibility. Not a “boot camp” but more of a “work up to a good burn but still be able to recover” class.

GENTLE YOGA (level I): Practice basic yoga postures & relaxation techniques.  Chair support available if desired.  You’ll experience relaxation & rejuvenation through this gentle approach to a flow class.

HATHA YOGA: Focus on beginners, but not an easy workout! Learn fundamentals or fine-tune your practice, breaking down principles of alignment & transitions to promote safety as well as awareness of your body.  Level II includes progressions for more advanced yogis.

INDOOR CYCLING: Great cardio workout! Pedal through hill climbs, sprints & breakaways to address strength and endurance.  Class size limited to 12. Set your own goals around watts, distance, or time.  Appropriate for all fitness levels.

INTRO YOGA: A 30-minute class specifically for beginners and/or those completely new to yoga. Basic Hatha yoga skills are introduced.

KICKBOXING: Full body intervals and circuit workout, with bag work, athletic drills, body weight and resistance training.

KICKIN’ IT: Kickboxing, TRX, Rip training, battling ropes and more meet in this 45 minute class that is customized for each participant.  Don’t be afraid to kick it at your best level in this intense experience.

MAT PILATES: Strengthen and tone muscles through Power Pilates technique. Mental & physical conditioning emphasizes core strength, muscular balance, coordination & breath.

INTRO: new, nearly new, or returning participants.  Take this first in order to ensure mastery of basic movements

Level I: Mat Pilates for most of us J  A step up from Intro, if you have some experience.

Level II: Instructor permission required.  Mastery of skills at a higher level

NIA: An exhilarating movement and lifestyle practice that combines martial arts, dance, and healing arts in a fun and creative class for everyone. Develop grace, power, muscle tone, increased energy, strength, mobility, agility, stability, balance, and flexibility.

NOT YOUR DADDY’S BOOT CAMP: This is interval training at its best!  Harness the fat-blasting, fitness-improving power of strength intervals on one day and cardio intervals on another in 45-60 minutes in our downstairs fusion studio.

POUND. Rockout. Workout: full-body cardio that combines light resistance with constant simulated drumming.  Using lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, called Ripstix®, you will turn into a calorie-torching drummer.

PURE STRENGTH: This class held in the fusion studio downstairs combines bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, and more, to focus on sculpting and toning while increasing strength.

RIP Express by TRX: 30 minutes of intense group training using an innovative resistance cord system to develop core strength, explosive power, flexibility, and endurance.  Limited to 10, and appropriate for all. A challenging new way to have fun!

SILVER SNEAKERS CLASSIC®: Move to music through exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, & activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing, and a ball are offered for resistance. A chair is available if needed. Open to ALL.

SILVER SNEAKERS YOGA®: A series of seated and/or standing yoga poses. Chair support is offered to safely perform postures to increase flexibility, balance & range of movement. Restorative breathing & relaxation promotes stress reduction & mental clarity. Open to ALL.

SWEET & SUBLIME YOGA: A class to tone, energize, and de-stress with a focus on the calming, meditative aspects of yoga. Simple, yet active held poses with hands on adjustments and a long savasana with gentle one on one manipulation and the use of light essential oils

TAI CHI RIVER:Chinese martial art for health improvement and self-defense.  Open to all levels, especially beginners.  No sweating!  Wear your work clothes, but show up and improve your life!

YOGA: A basic yoga offering that builds strength, stamina and balance while improving joint flexibility. All levels welcome

YOGA STRETCHPerfect for the end of the day, or any time.  Promotes flexibility and breathing, and relaxes tense muscles

ZUMBA (or ZUMBA BLAST): A blend of Latin and international music/dance themes that mixes body sculpting moves and easy to follow dance steps in a fun cardiovascular workout.  Feel the rhythm and move your body!  Appropriate for all fitness levels


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