Water Fitness

Water Fitness Class Schedule Summer 2020

Our Water Fitness Classes move inside for the Fall/Winter! 

Class Day Age Time Member | Non-Member Rates

Water Aerobics

Mon.-Fri 18+ 8:30-9:30am Members only at this time

Water Aerobics Information:

  • Water Aerobics will be held indoors
  • Time will be from 8:30-9:30
  • Class will be held in the program area of the indoor pool and the 2 adjoining lanes (please space yourselves accordingly to maintain proper social distancing)
  • Reservation system will still be in place with 12 spots (with us still asking everyone to cap it at 2 reservations to help get everyone in) *these apply to reservations made in advance for the week, more reservations may be made if there are open spots and reservations are made the night before/day of
  • We will regularly audit reservations and those found having more than the allotted reservations scheduled in advance will lose their reservations later in the week and if this persists, could lose reservation privileges
  • After class please put equipment in “Unsanitized” bin to be sanitized
  • Please make your way out of the indoor pool area in a timely manner as we clean the space after the larger bather load and also to allow for the next set of swimmers to come in and limit exposure during transition
  • Water aerobics reservations do not count towards your lap lane reservation limits
  •  **Please be patient and understanding with us, as we are I the midst of a pandemic and are providing as much space and time as we can at this moment to serve all of our members. As we progress through the phases, we will re-evaluate and provide as many opportunities as those allow

Water Fitness Class Descriptions

Aqua Blast

Aqua Blast focuses on flexibility, strength training & cardio. This class is high energy, but allows you to work at your own pace. All fitness levels & non-swimmers are welcome.

Aqua Tighten & Tone

Aqua Tighten & Tone is a great class that works on your entire body. This class uses a variety of equipment and the body’s natural resistance in the water to tighten & tone your muscles from head to toe. All fitness levels & non-swimmers are welcome.

Aqua Pump

Aqua Pump uses choreographed exercises to utilize the water’s natural resistance to strengthen and tone your every muscle. This class is a total body workout that uses water weights and suspended moves. All fitness levels & non-swimmers are welcome.

H2O Variety Workout

H2O Variety combines a variety of different water exercises to work out the entire body. This class focuses on using the water’s natural resistance to build strength, tone muscles, and give a great cardio workout. All fitness levels & non-swimmers are welcome.

Arthritis Aquatics/ Senior Water Workout*

Our Arthritis/Senior class is a great option for many who have limited land mobility and can suffer from varied muscle & joint soreness. This class focuses on movement within your own limits and providing a total body stretching routine. All fitness levels & non-swimmers are welcome. This class is scheduled year round in our indoor heated saltwater pool.

Aqua Core

Aqua Core is a short 30 minute variety class on Wednesdays. The purpose of this class is to focus on the core with specific water aerobics exercises, and also to utilize some deep stretching techniques.


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*Arthritis Aquatics/ Senior Water Workout stays indoors in our heated saltwater pool year round.


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