Swim Team TigerSharks

TigerSharks Fall 19 Season is Here!

A recreational swim team for ages 7 and up, the Gordon JCC’s TigerSharks Swim Team participates as part of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee Swim Club (YMTSC) during the Fall/Winter season. Our swimmers practice for 3 days a week and receive approximately 60% instruction and 40% conditioning to prepare them for meets. TigerSharks is a great way for swimmers to increase their speed, technique, and endurance. 

Practice Schedule - First Day of Practice is January 6th

Mon, Tues and Thurs 4:30pm-5:30pm
1/6 - 1/30
2/3 - 2/27
3/2 - 4/2

M: $65 | NM: $80

**Does not include meet fees

Swim Meets

We participate in the YMCA of Middle Tennessee Swim Club (YMTSC). Meets are held locally and occur every 4-6 weeks. Even though participation in meets is optional, we encourage everyone to participate in meets as they are a great chance for those who haven’t competed to have their first experience as part of a swim meet. For those that are more experienced with swim meets, these are fun meets to participate in and swim against other local swimmers your age.


The GJCC does not require Fall and Spring swim team members to be annual GJCC members, but there is a member benefit for the cost of registration. Swimmers that are not quite 7 that want to be a part of the swim team must be able to swim 3 out of the 4 competitive swim strokes for 50 yards each. We will evaluate swimmers that are under 7 on and individual basis. Those that aren’t quite ready for the swim team are encouraged to join our group lessons.

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For more information about our swim teams please contact our Aquatics Director, Daniel Christmas | 615.354.166


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