Keep Your Jewish Soul Connected

Below are resources to keep your Jewish soul connected while at home.  

The synagogues and other Jewish organizations may have their doors closed, but virtual Judaism is alive and well!

Jewish things to do
Click here for YIVO's A Seat at the Table: A Journey into Jewish Food series, starting May 1.

Thoughtful Reads
Click here for a piece on the joy of watching celebrities proclaim their Jewishness. 

Click here for tips on hosting a Solo Passover Seder. 

Click here for how to celebrate Passover during the Pandemic. 

Prayer and Mindfulness
Click here to read about how Holocaust survivors resilience can help us get through the pandemic. 

Click here to learn about Jewish Meditation.

Click here for tips on Jewish Well-Being in times of crisis.

Click here for the Jewish prayer for the sick, Mi Sheberach 

Synagogue links
Click here to view Congregation Micah's virtual offerings.

Click here to view West End Synagogue's weekday evening Minyan's, 6pm Sunday - Thursday 

Jewish Websites
Click here for JewishLIVE, the portal to live streaming Jewish experiences on the internet. 

Click here for My Jewish Learning. 

Click here for Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA).

Click here for Kveller, a website for Jewish Parents.

Virtual Tours
Click here for a virtual tour of Israel.

Click here for the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Click here for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum



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