Group Fitness Classes February 2019

February Group Fitness Schedule

Check out some of our new classes!

Sundays 1pm: 20/20 with Carolyn:  20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of sculpting, and then 5 minutes of stretching to make this 45 minute class just what you need to see clearly the rest of the week!

Sundays 2p: Real Yoga with Gigi:  Everyday yoga for your real life.  Learn yoga you can do at home on a regular basis, not just in a class.  Get stronger and more flexible in a class designed to give YOU control.  All levels welcome

Wednesdays 5pm: Power Yoga with Kristen:  for Beginner to Intermediate levels, this class consists primarily of standing poses and core work.  Targeting abs, legs, and upper body, there are modifications for each pose allowing them to be more accessible or challenging, depending on the student. Check out our group fitness webpage for more details.

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